Total immersion approach

In addition to classroom and hands-on coursework, pre-work and in-class assignments assist in preparing students for the next step in their training, whether that is the next day of a multi-day course, or the next course in a certification training sequence.

Certification Paths

From Intermodal to Industrial, all training paths are unique to the functionality of each machine type. However, the excellence and standards used to develop and deploy the training remains the same. Each JJLSTA training program starts with the fundamentals of mobile mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems followed by standardized troubleshooting methodology while moving into specific systems and advanced operations. This methodology enables each Technician to develop improved troubleshooting skills to increase productivity.

Build Your Certification

Choose Equipment

  • Translift 1200R
  • Travellift MJHD
  • Ecocrane Hybrid
  • Taylor XLC
  • Broderson