Meet the Training Academy
Instructors & Staff

Mark Rocque

Director, Training

Mark Rocque is highly qualified senior leadership and development professional possessing extensive experience in the design, development, and implementation of corporate learning platforms focused on adult learning methodology and instructional design practice. Mark has dedicated himself to identifying core issues and creating solutions that eliminate waste and build the foundation for success. He has successfully built three corporate universities ranging for small (300 students) to large (7,500+ students) for companies like Time Warner Cable, ProCure Treatment Centers, Denso Manufacturing. Mark is a graduate of Montana State University (BS), Jones International University (MEd), and the Tuck Executive Education Program at Dartmouth College.

Roger Badun

Electrical/Mechanical Instructor

Roger joined the Mi-Jack family in the fall of 1996 to work at the CSXI ramp in Baltimore, Maryland. After honing his skills, he began traveling around the region supporting the other ramps and industrial customers.

In 2004, Roger accepted a position as a Field Service Technician and relocated to Virginia. During the next 14 years Roger built an exclusive list of clients and continued to support and assist the regional ramps as needed.